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Elson T. Elizaga, 2014For years, I’ve been writing for newspapers and other publications. Oftentimes, after my articles are printed, I would feel the need to revise some of them.  So, I decided to make a website that would contain the revisions.

The articles vary in subject and style. Some are products of research and have a formal tone, like my description of how I reduced the weight of my children's school bags. Others are casual, even satirical. 

This diversity partly reveals my experience. I was a student in Mass Communication for two years in Silliman University. Then I shifted to A.B. major in creative writing, with journalism subjects for my electives.

Basic research was a requirement in Silliman, and I was fortunate to be in the class of the brilliant professor Judith Amistoso. My initial proposal was to study dinosaurs but she discouraged me from pursuing it because she believed there wasn't sufficient references about them in the library. But she approved the alternative -- sharks. Years later, the skills she gave me would culminate in the identification of the first recorded megamouth in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, thanks to shark experts worldwide.

I had various jobs after graduation -- teacher in English composition, ethnographic researcher, and government information officer. The last two required photography, so I was engaged in this exciting occupation as well.

As I had no academic training in ethnography, I was guided by the anthropologist Dr. Jonathan Okamura for almost two years.

After I left the government, I concentrated on making photos for business firms. Some of my clients were The Stoneware Pottery, Duka Bay Resort, and A Brown Company, Inc. During this time, our city was shaken by the news that the Huluga archaeological site was split by a government road project. Friends led by anthropologists Dr. Antonio J. Montalvan II and Dr. Erlinda Burton then created the Heritage Conservation Advocates (HCA). As secretary of this organization I wrote extensively about the damage; a major narrative is about the violation of archaeological ethics by government archaeologists.

Who are my target readers? When my article is expository, I think of high school and college students. I try to simplify difficult concepts. Two people I admire are Carl Sagan and Bart Ehrman -- experts who know how to make academic findings understandable to laymen.Black square indicates end of article.

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