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By Elson T. Elizaga
Author with two kids

At the start of the pandemic, a Chinese tourist went to a Philippine village. Although he spoke the local language fluently, the people were not impressed.

Why I chose Duterte
Vote for sharks (Published in 2000. Updated October 8, 2023.)
What is wrong with this dike?
Graph of annual budget of  the office of  the vice president of the Philippines
The annual budget of the office of the vice president of the Philippines
Experts explain why people find difficulty in resolving conflict in social media
The historical Ysalina Bridge
Why the war on drugs is a huge failure (English subtitle of the YouTube video uploaded by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, a German research group.)
The duck in the cockpit. "In a democracy, the people always deserve their leaders."
Our children are smoking
The consequentialism of the DDS
Another universe

Vice president Leni Robredo. Photo taken from her Facebook. Photographer not indicated.

Leni Robredo's 'Angat Buhay' Five months after she was elected Vice President, Robredo launched her anti-poverty program called Angat Buhay. A year later, without using any confidential fund, Angat Buhay succeeded in providing P145 million worth of services to 83,707 poor families. This number reached 224,000 in December 2019.

Why I'm worried about our neighbors' chickens
Garbage burning and the Wuhan virus "Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, damage to the immune system, and can interfere with hormones.”
The virus from Thanos
Robredo is correct
The six idiots of the bloody drug war César Gaviria, the former President of Colombia, became a superstar in 2017 when President Rodrigo Duterte called him an idiot. But there were five others.

Duterte is correct. President Rodrigo Duterte has an extremely harsh opinion about the drug war. He calls it “a fiasco.” Duterte's use of this term reveals a surprising amount of awareness and humility.

Throwing the first stone. January is National Bible Month in the Philippines, but the number of events associated with it, since its declaration in 2017, has been, most curiously, zero.
Donate a kidney
Welcome to North Korea
Elizaga replies to Archaeological Studies Program
How to remove traces of shabu
A special Chinese villain in 'Sahaya'
A foolproof election counting system
The archaeological sites of Alubijid and Cagayan de Oro
The great masses and a big lie
An exclusive Filipino disease
Dr. Erlinda Montillo Burton: teacher, mother, friend
Power and P22 billion worth of siopao
Honesty is the best police

Stylized red 616 against a black background.

The 6th apparition: The frequent appearance of the number 6 in the Duterte presidency
Another simple solution  
A simple solution  
Four easy ways to raise quiet chickens
How to protect human lives, not human rights
Are you perfect?
The appointed son of God detained
The sensei of Riverdale Karate
Fake award for Mocha Uson

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