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Askal Dogs in Opol Beach
By Elson T. Elizaga
It is difficult now to know the primitive shape and color of the askal, but it is likely it was prick-eared, a feature common to wild dogs, wolves and foxes.
Although the name askal means "street dog", nobody in the Philippines would call a Labrador Retriever or a Bulldog an askal even if it is allowed by its owner to roam freely.
This askal appears to be a mongrel. It is bulky and the mouth is squarish.
A dog considered by many as a typical askal usually has a fine-haired tail. If the tail is bushy, it is likely to be a mongrel, sometimes the product of interbreeding with a Japanese Spitz. .
Sample variations of the askal dog.

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Copyright © Elson T. Elizaga. Photos made in August 2014.