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Reward for arrest of bomber
By Elson T. Elizaga

Usually we don’t know how the intelligence fund is spent but this year we got a little idea. Mayor Oscar Moreno has offered P2 million from the remaining intelligence fund as reward to anyone who could give information that would lead to the arrest of the bomber of Kyla's Bistro in Limketkai Center.

Suddenly, we are hit with a thought: “Oy, pwedi man diay.”

Pwedi bitaw. It is done in many places, and it is normal police practice. Wanted: Ruben Ecleo. P2 million. Wanted: Dead or Alive. Flynn Rider.

In the Facebook group Mata na CDO, several members so believe in the necessity of this method that they have expressed willingness to contribute to the fund. Initially, I wrote an objection, but on second thought, why not? Private citizens can even do detective work, instead of relying entirely on the police.

I suggested, however, that part of the intelligence fund should be used to identify people who are engaged in illegal mining and logging, and other large crimes. Two Chinese citizens have been arrested but we have no detailed information about their activities. We don’t know who else are involved, if some councilors are involved, and we have no idea how the syndicate operates.

How did these aliens enter the Philippines? Who invited them? Who gave them protection? How did they construct the barges? How did they process their mined ores and how did they sell them? Are they still in jail?

Some people might consider this concern relatively small but there are suspicions the blast at Limketkai Center could be the handiwork of people connected to illegal mining.

Police has blamed a small group called Khilafa Islamiyah for the bombing. Maria Ressa wrote a book called “Seeds of Terror”, about the al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia, so she should know if a Khilafa Islamiyah exists. But if you Google “maria ressa khilafa islamiyah” you won’t get anything.

There’s a Khilafa Islamiyah Facebook founded in May 23, 2012.  It contains a video with soothing music and some brief messages identified by Google as Malay. It doesn’t have any statement about the bombing in Cagayan de Oro.

Even if illegal mining and logging have no connection to the blast they are still worth investigating, unless we’re ok about having a regular dose of landslides, flood, and evacuations. End


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