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The great masses and a big lie
By Elson T. Elizaga. Published October 27, 2018.
Adolf Hitler standing in a car

In September I posted in Facebook a meme showing Adolf Hitler standing in a car and doing the Nazi salute. On top of the picture was my note: "Facebook admin, please don't take this down. We both know I'm not a Nazi. I'm just pointing out that a top official of the Hitler Nazi Party (HNP) is visiting Israel."

Written on the photo was this quote from Hitler: "The great masses of the people will easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."

Facebook allowed that photo to stay for a month, and even included it in a video summary of my September posts. I must have shared about 10 pictures in September but Facebook selected that Hitler meme as one of three special images.

But, apparently, someone sent a complaint to Facebook, because on October 27, Facebook stopped me from opening my account for 24 hours.

For what reason, I wonder. Facebook states it's against their community standards, but I don't know the specific violation. The Philippines has 100 million people, and out of that huge number, only one person has the boldness to call himself Adolf Hitler. He said so, not I or any of my friends, or any of his critics, but he himself, and none of his followers, bless them, have expressed any complaint, not even Manny Pacquaio who must have read the Biblical claim that the Jews are God's Chosen People.

But of course, some fundamentalists would say the six million Jews deserved death because they had crucified Jesus because God didn't put an electrical fence around the forbidden tree years earlier, only an endangered talking snake who failed to produce any descendants that could have been used to make money in a circus.

As for the "big lie" quote from Hitler, it was the prominent Biblical scholar Dr. Raymond E. Brown who had expressed his observation that whenever a small religious group detaches itself from the mainstream, that breakaway group, that cult, must make claims superior to those of the original religion. It must say its god or gods are true, and that the other gods are fake. And only we will be saved. If the cult doesn't make superlative claims, if it says its gods are inferior to those of other religions, it won't attract followers. It won't make money. It will die a natural death. [So, right, your Tatay is the best president of the solar system, and Delimaw deserves to be locked up in prison.]

Millions of people believe that aside from the material world we live in, there is something else, but it is invisible and beyond reach. The only path to this otherworld is death. Occasionally, though, someone alive and kicking would claim access to the supernatural realm. And then mass hypnosis and wild reasoning would set in: The person who claims to be in direct contact with God must be spiritually special, if not God himself. His claim must be true because we have no direct access to God, only him.

Wrong. God talks to me directly. He says Apollo Quiboloy and many others are out of their minds and they need a psychiatrist like me. End


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