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Choosing a president is like choosing a helper
By Elson T. Elizaga
I didn't see the entire "Pilipinas Debate 2016" because I had to watch my eldest son’s basketball game at Xavier University. But I picked up some statements from the taxi FM, and later saw portions of the news from GMA-7.

Words from the radio. And lots of body language from TV.

I go for body language and find only two good choices: Grace Poe and Mar Roxas. They are articulate, organized, and physically fit. Jojo Binay, Rodrigo Duterte, and Miriam Santiago are old and their age shows. No offense meant to senior citizens, but the presidency is a huge task. Former president Fidel Ramos is still frisky, and he could have done better for Mamasapano and Yolanda, but he's not a candidate.

Some friends disagree with this view. But my method of choosing a president is simple.

Think helper.

We want honest, healthy, and young helpers – not necessarily teenagers. Minors are prohibited. But no 60 and above either.  Cooking skills an advantage. Common sense, too. A big allowance awaits those who know the Constitution, follow it faithfully, and teach it to our kids.

We don’t hire sick helpers, for their own good and ours. We tell applicants to hug the X-ray machine to know if they have TB. We don’t hire helpers who confess they sell shabu or have killed people, even if they’re joking or exaggerating or hyperbolating, if there is such a word.

We used to have a helper who assured us she loved our kids more than her own.  As fantastic as it sounds, it is. She was clearly a bad mother.  

And so, I tell our helper, look we have big problems. We have China, climate change, HIV epidemic, an exploding population without access to free condoms, and the Bible literalist Manny Pacquiao. What will you do when China brings more missiles to the disputed islands? What's your move when another Yolanda comes in? Subject yourself to a CT scan? Have a migraine? Open a Swiss bank account? Or like Atom Araullo will you drop everything, head for the eye of the storm, and rock and roll?1 End


1 I don't mean to say that presidents should put themselves physically in the middle of a storm, although they may, because that's the part of the storm that's calm. :) Remember the US president who flew a fighter plane in "Independence Day"? What's the name of that plane?

And oh, before I forget, the 11-and-under basketball team where my son belongs won second place in the Loyola Cup.

This webpage was published on February 27, 2016. Also in Mindanao Gold Star Daily, February 26, 2016.

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