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Hotel glass door hurts child
By Elson T. Elizaga

Photo of hotel glass door and hurt kidOn April 15, 2013, our four-year-old son Diego accidentally bumped the glass sliding door of a resort hotel accredited by the Department of Tourism in Northern Mindanao, Philippines.

Diego incurred two tiny, bleeding cuts on his forehead. His six-year-old brother also suffered a small linear cut on his finger when he touched the edge of a shard.

The broken glass panel remained on the metal frame. The shards did not fall on Diego or any of us.

But we were alarmed to discover that the glass panel was made of ordinary material. It wasn’t tempered or laminated. And it did have anything visible – such as a horizontal strip to warn guests of danger.

I have sent a letter to the Department of Tourism, requesting the office to visit the resort and examine its glass doors. I also suggested that other hotels be checked to ensure that all hotel personnel and guests are safe. The Department of Tourism guideline for resorts, hotels and apartments in the Philippines does not specify any type of glass for doors, windows, and tables.

Tempered glass is preferred in many constructions worldwide because it is five times stronger. When it breaks, it transforms into granules, not blades that could cut or kill.


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