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Blaming Aquino for the dengue vaccination program
By Elson T. Elizaga
Dec. 7, 2017
Just one day after Sanofi Pasteur issued a health warning to its own product Dengvaxia, some people blamed the past president, Benigno Aquino III, for the botched dengue vaccination program. One critic alleged that Aquino is now responsible for an impending massacre of 700,000 students who have been inoculated with the vaccine.

The reason for blaming Aquino is he had approved the commercial sale of Dengvaxia on Dec. 22, 2015 after meeting with representatives from Sanofi Pasteur that same month. Then, in January 2016, Aquino “approved the administration of the dengue vaccine to 1,077,623 9-year-old public school students in NCR, Central Luzon, and Calabarzon.”

A reading of the timeline of the dengue vaccination program published by Rappler, however, shows that the program was under the Aquino administration for
seven months, because Aquino’s term ended on June 30, 2016.  Then the program was continued – despite criticisms from health experts – by the administration of Rodrigo Duterte for16 months, starting July 2016 up to November 29, 2017, when Sanofi Pasteur issued the warning.

[Full article in Mindanao Goldstar Daily.]


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