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Comparing Marcos, Robredo and other politicians
By Elson T. Elizaga, March 26, 2022. Updated May 12, 2022.
We know too well that a Leni Robredo supporter will convince a still-undecided person to vote for Robredo. And, of course, a pro-Bongbong Marcos will promote Marcos instead.

But is there a way for the person to find facts by themselves?

Of course. Here’s a simple five-step method:

1) Make a list of subjects that are important to you and which you believe need government help. For example: “food," “housing," "clothing," “livelihood," “education", “agriculture," “pandemic response.”

2) Write “bongbong marcos” before each subject. For example: “bongbong marcos livelihood,” or “bongbong marcos livelihood projects.”

3) Google them.

4) Repeat the process but put “leni robredo” or the name of another politician per subject instead.

5) Compare the search results.

This method is not foolproof. Bits of inaccurate information might show up. One also has to acquire or maintain the ability to separate fact from opinion.

In any case, the technique is neutral; it doesn’t tell you who to vote. You select the things that matter to you. You collect and examine the facts. Then you choose the candidate who can serve you best, the leader worthy of your trust. End

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