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By Elson T. Elizaga

Hillside Lot for Sale at Xavier Estates

Hillside lot for sale at Xavier Estates

Is Mar Roxas II using a government vehicle?
The Wharton degree of Mar Roxas II
Is Davao City one of the safest?
How I reduced the weight of my children's school bags
A plant that kills, ticks, fleas and mosquito larvas
Our stoneware moat bowls
The Historical and Cultural Omission
Seeking solace in Ridgeview Chalets
Explain 13 years
I am what Dongkoy is not
How the PDAF scam kills poor people
Reward for arrest of bomber
The bomb in city hall
Child hurt by hotel glass door
Jesus as presenter of evidence
Spies like us
Emano blames flood victims
Evacuees seek shelter in SM City
Officials discount typhoon casualty in Cagayan de Oro
Was Sting moved by trees or threats?
False statements about SM Baguio, LEED and USGBC
The 2009 Flood in Cagayan de Oro: Findings and Recommendations
Defaming an archaeologist in Cagayan de Oro
CCTV cameras in government offices
The mayor of Cagayan de Oro
The underdogs
The president of the bank of Canada
Why I look for fossils and artifacts
Propaganda by a student of the Archaeological Studies Program
Constantino Jaraula and the Huluga Archaeological Site
The forgotten sack
Removing Willie Revillame
Gissell of the dragon boat
Senate to investigate Huluga sex scandal
The endless search for the nifficult
Selling a sacred mountain
Journalists as cultural terrorists?
A habitation, but unlikely a habitation
The emperor's honorary degree
A tribute to our tax collectors
Hit and run
A letter to the mayor of Norfolk
Fixing our business with the Koreans
The Jars of Maitum and the monument of MacArthur
Finding our Chinese kin
Trash archaeology
That's Andres Bonifacio
Coronavirus Park
Violation of the code of ethics of archaeology
Huluga and the president of Spain
Korean golfers and gamblers
Meaning of Cagayan
Outside elson.elizaga.net
Primer on Huluga
Megamouth shark in Cagayan de Oro

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